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Maximize the return on your sales and marketing spend by utilizing the most comprehensive online intelligence service available.

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Covering consumer generated media (CGM), conventional internet info providers, and value-chain generated data.

Unprecedented Intelligence

Don't accept superficial reports harvested from amalgamator services - demand computational linguistics and digital analytics.

Our clients contact us when they have mission-critical questions -- they look to us for unprecedented assistance in comprehending the chaotic, ever-growing online world.

A world representing over 1 billion humans in cyberspace - each expressing their individual opinions, their likes and dislikes, to anyone who will read it.
A world where any global citizen can exert their particular influence upon cumulative consumer behavior from the other side of the planet while succumbing to a different thought contagion coming from the same city, town, or village - even right next door. All of which impacts our client's market, competition, corporate image, brand, products, services, public personas, political campaigns, and/or crisis situation.

Our clients contact us when they need objective, thoughtful, and experienced advice and intelligence based upon our pioneering computational linguistics and analytics engines for extraordinary insight into the expansive Internet, such as;

  • Next Generation Buzz Tracking for monitoring a specific opinion's genesis, spread, morph, and eventual decline across the Internet in multiple languages (globally)
  • Extend Positive/Negative Customer (Loyalty or Client Satisfaction) Tracking through surgically-precise behavioral monitoring encompassing all Internet channels (e.g.; podcasts, 5 star customer rating systems, etc.)
  • Identify trend emergence and related demographics/impact spectrums to adjust strategies on-the-fly
  • Research target and corollary markets during product launches - understand audience feedback now without survey bias or language hurdles
  • Evaluate, compare, and monitor competitor consumer perception and sentiments
  • Actively protect/defend corporate image, brand, and public personas from online reputation assaults
  • Much, much more. . .

  • May 21, 2008

    Taming the Internet
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    Polyhistor Online tames the Internet for business: Technology uses cutting-edge computational linguistics to track Internet postings, and measure how they are perceived by consumers worldwide
    March 17, 2008

    The Value Proposition

    Offering innovative insight into Consumer Online Opinion. Take a look at how we are pushing beyond the status quo in online research...

    The Polyhistor Online Blog

    Interested in social thought contagions (memes), opinion influencers (amplification and inhibitors), divergent marketing principles, herd immunity factors, consumer behavior impactors... all related to the online masses and the broad commercial implications this represents?

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